Mission Statement

Timucin Yalcin recognizes that our role as accountants is not merely to attach an opinion to financial statements, but to serve as business and personal advisors. We complete that goal by constant observation and communication to our clients while performing our accounting, tax, and IRS representation. We meet with you every quarter at a minimum and depending on your industry and guidance needed we even meet with you on a monthly basis. When we detect even something nominal on our regularly timed services we communicate the discovery to help make you efficient and successful. We pride ourselves in becoming your most valuable business asset.



Experience and Knowledge

As a successful business owner or executive you will require an accounting firm that understands your needs and concerns. The members of our firm have many years of experience and clients in almost every industry in the country, which is critical in being efficient and detecting a potential problem before it becomes a real problem.



Commitment to Excellence

We pride ourselves in providing superior customer service and professionalism with every client. There will never be a time when you do not receive a phone call back on a timely basis. We treat our smallest client as if they are our biggest. A long time ago we received a referral who became our largest client; this referral came from our smallest client. We treat everyone by the Golden Rule and promise the same professionalism to everyone.



Working Together

One of the reasons Timucin Yalcin wanted an accounting career was to make a positive impact to business owners and executives. In the true spirit of being your most valuable asset comes from delivering quality service and being a constant resource. Timucin thoroughly enjoins seeing a business or individual prosper and having a professional relationship where both sides are grateful for each other’s input and effort of working together.